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How to Do Window Boarding

If you live in a seaside area and haven’t currently installed cyclone shutters on your home windows, window boarding is an economical alternative that can assist protect against damages to your home. If you choose to board up your windows, there are several actions to take that will certainly ensure the job is done right which you’ll have a durable obstacle to shield your property from wind damage. Begin with a sheet of plywood and also determine each home window you intend to board, including picture, solitary put up, as well as casement home windows. Then add two inches per measurement, so the board will certainly be somewhat larger than the windows themselves. After that, reduce each item of plywood with a round saw to the dimension of your home windows. As soon as you have actually got the sheets of plywood cut to the ideal measurements, make sure they are degree and that there is no space in between the timber and the glass. You might need a good friend to aid you with this action, because the plywood can be hefty as well as can be tough to hold. Once the boards are in place, use a drill to produce pilot holes for the lag screws you’ll utilize to safeguard the panels. After the screws remain in, slide steel washing machines onto each screw to avoid them from sinking too much into the plywood, which can damage it. After that, drive the screws via the wood and also into your house’s framework. The screws ought to penetrate the house’s framework 1-3/4-inches deep for tiny and average home windows, and 2-1/4-inches deep for larger windows. After that, rearrange the panel and align the holes in the home window with the pilot holes drilled through the home siding. Ultimately, drive the lag screws with the plywood as well as into the structure surrounding your house. Prior to mounting your board, note the places where you’ve drilled the lag screws to make sure that you can recycle them in the same window location for the following storm. This will certainly conserve you time when it comes to placing the board up once more after a typhoon. Begin at one end of the house and transfer to the various other, positioning the plywood over each window as you go. If you have a buddy to help, have them raise the board up while you center it over the opening and screw it in. When you’ve reached all the home windows, you’ll require to drill pilot holes for the lag screws that will certainly go through the plywood and also right into your home’s framing. This will allow the lag screws to penetrate your home’s frame in a straight line as well as stop splitting the timber. Repeat these actions whatsoever of the windows in your house till you have actually covered each. After you have actually completed this job, label each board so you can recycle them in the very same window location each time a storm strikes. If you’re using lag screws to mount your plywood, make sure to put washing machines on each screw to ensure they do not sink too much into the board. Also, make certain to utilize a drill that’s powerful sufficient to drive the lag screws through the plywood and also your house’s framework. The lag screws will certainly be subjected to the cyclone’s wind as well as rainfall, so it’s important to protect them tightly.

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