RegioJet Train and Bus Service

I recently used the Regiojet train service from Prague to Ostrava inside the Czech Republic. It was the midst of summer, hot, but I was able to find a seat about the train without having a problem with all the Regiojet website I booked my ticket into two minutes. There is also a Regiojet app you are able to download on the phone. The main website is not difficult to navigate and is available in 5 different languages.

At the Prague main radio station, or hlavni nadrazi, it had been a little bit confusing to obtain the right platform. I found out later the electronic board will not post it until fifteen minutes prior on the train arrival. Be on alert and keep to the crowd for the appropriate platform. Regiojet trains (and busses) are really easy to spot since they are in a bright sunny yellow color. This differentiates them using their company trains which assists you, the traveler, get for the right train.

It was easy to search for the car and my seat operating class which offers reclining leather seats, free wi-fi, water, coffee, and magazines. An attendant appears to offer snacks including salads or sandwiches each is very inexpensive averaging under $10 USD. Add that with a ticket that amounted to less than $20 USD round-trip with the discerning budget traveler.

The RegioJet became a smooth train ride. Very comfortable and relaxing. I had an individual seat from the window. There are however, 4-seaters, or closed cabins for families or groups. I got a terrific view of the countryside the main way to Ostrava. I was served free water coupled with free Wi-Fi. Later, the attendant came around to present snack choices, like a light salad or sandwich, juice, coffee or some other kind of drink. It was much like being on a plane except no turbulence. There was donrrrt worry about language translation difficulties either.

For me it had been a seamless experience using RegioJet and I would recommend becoming the ticket cost is very reasonable. The only caveat I have should be to warn one to learn the Prague main place layout and the way to find where your platform is. In worst case you’ll be able to walk over to your RegioJet counter where they shall be happy to allow you to. I wish I had found them sooner but oh well, I did learn to navigate the Prague radio station which I chalk approximately traveler experience.

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